Join us in our movement to support social change

At ORO Leggings, we partner with non-profit organizations that are dedicated to helping women and children in Mexico. It's what makes our company feel alive.

What moves you?

Here is the scoop. We ethically produce high quality athletic wear, and now we're offering it to you, for your audience. Whether that be your followers, groupies or fans, through you, they will be part of this movement too. With their purchase, together you will effect social change.

When purchased on your page or site, you send orders to the ORO Fulfillment Team, and product is sent directly to your client. You are responsible for choosing a social cause, and donating $10 USD per pair of women's leggings sold to your chosen organization. You are also responsible for managing your sales-based donations, and marketing to your crew.

We then add you to our growing list of ORO Collaborators so that our community can lean in, help one another, and support each other's cause.